Google launches Classroom teaching tool to help educators.


Google has introduced a Classroom tool for teachers to connect with their students and give them assignments and feedback. The internet giant has announced that anyone with a Google Apps for Education account can now use the service.

Google unveiled the service back in May and says that more than 100000 educators from 45 countries have signed up for the service. The service is available in 42 different languages. The tool gives teachers access to a content management system that allows them to post updates and homework assignments, give feedback, grades and add/remove students from their classes.

The service free for schools as part of the Google Apps for Education suite. It has deep integration with Google Drive and the productivity applications, like Google Slide and Docs.

Google Play for Education, also offers teachers and schools to buy Android apps and books and distribute them to their students. Classroom Tool will help developing nations like India where there is limited funding and out dated classrooms.

“We’ve also heard that educators want a simple place to post information and materials about their classes, so we added an ‘About’ page for each course as well,” the company said in a blog post.

The Classroom service is one of many initiatives launched by Google to improve education. Earlier this year, Google had announced a Chromebooks for schools program in India. The internet giant recently launched a pilot project in Andhra Pradesh where Google provided Chromebooks in 4 schools and trained the teachers on how to use the required software. The internet giant is already running similar programs in more than 3000 schools across the globe.


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