Young enough to learn, experienced enough to guide.

As a team, Bharathi Techno started out in 2013 but as individual members we pack quite a punch. Each individual of the team has overall understanding of business solutions and specializes in different tasks.

The Bharathi Techno team of young and energetic techno-entrepreneurs, engaged in designing, developing and deploying cost-effective business solutions, focuses on the needs of small- and medium-sized companies to empower them with business solutions and services.

We leverage state-of-the art technology and best-of-breed business processes to collaborate with our clients to help them become high-performance businesses. We don’t just develop software, we provide business solutions.

Our business solutions include web design and development services, mobile application development, eCommerce, Content Management System (CMS) development, Data Scrapping and Search Engine Optimization.

Bharathi Techno follows a phased approach during project development that includes scoping, process mapping, development, implementation and business support. Combining the best available software model, well-documented designs, we can offer customers a tremendous advantage on the cost front with maximum returns on investment and independence from solution vendors.

We reiterate: we are not just a vendor, but your trusted technology partner.


We aim for four-pronged benefits for a client using our solutions.


    Help corporates establish their presence on the Internet and promote their services to achieve that elusive thing called Branding


    Employ best creative minds and our vast experience to provide the advantage a business needs to stand out from the crowd.


    Save time for the client which allows him/her more time and effort to manage other important business tasks.


    Reduce costs by automating client's daily processes through tools that we individually select for each client.